Odes Unruh and his wife Sadie and family arrived on this stump ranch in the spring of 1936. In the Dust Bowl years of the Dirty Thirties, they had watched the wheatfields of western Kansas struggle for survival. A search for a new location with fresh clean air motivated their move to north Idaho.  Railroad flyers aided them in pinpointing the land of their dreams.

Upon arrival they started their garden down in the draw of Bane Creek.  Among the delicious garden produce were huge cabbages and celery with tasty white stalks.  Stumps were removed and the land was farmed organically with the barnyard waste dressing the fields. Odes and his two oldest sons, Lawrence and sometimes Chester, and then little brother Odes Phil, left their mark on the farm over a period of fifty years, dairying and making hay, raising clover for seed, and always tending gardens of veggies, flowers, and fruit trees.


And now?  Enter Jordan Dyck and his wife Kayla with children Mackenzie and Anton. Jordan is a 4th generation great grandson with a love of the land and gardening.  In the spring of 2012, the soil was turned and the old family homestead took on a new name:  HOMESTEAD PRODUCE.

Hoop houses have been added to help lengthen the growing season.  The old barn that Great Grandpa built now shelters the chickens that cheerily produce our farm fresh eggs.  A variety of vegetables are grown in the fields, including broccoli and kohlrabies, carrots, cabbages and more. At the height of growing season, the old tin sided shop is bulging with fresh produce for sale as well as artsy bouquets of summer flowers and honey made by local bees. You will probably see Grandpa Odes Phil in and around the farm, mowing and helping in whatever way he can, or just enjoying the customers. (We call him our best saleman!)

Our goal is to organically grow delicious garden produce that will arrive fresh on your table straight from our fields.  An occasional splash of a bouquet to grace your table would add the finishing touch.

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